statement of Cakehara

My work is based on an old Japanese phrase that is "Ito okashi" . This phrase was
used in a famous literary essay "Makura no sousi" which was written 1200 years ago.
This pharse has many meanings. For example it can be interpreted in a positive way
as being very interesting, beautiful, wonderful, excellent, tasty, funny, or in a
negative way as being very different, silly, bad, stupid, irrational, absurd ...etc

I am interested in the very complex and ambiguous meanings involved in this phrase.
It is representative of the common phenomena in modern society where many
meanings and realities are kept hidden, forcing us to see and think from various

I am always looking for the origin of the conflicting sensations that are seen as
absurd, irrational, silly, stupid; the contradictions that have created distortions within
modern society.

Through humor I express visually what I intuit and reason.
This is for connect with modern society.

March 2017
Cake Hara