SIZE MATTERS of Cakehara

ピクチャ 161.png

“Bird Wagon”, 2012, clay, paint, nails and objects by Melissa Stern

: the exhibition that asks that question
Curator William Norton has assembled artists from Japan, China, the USA and the UAE to get to the heart of the issue that keeps artists up every night: Does Size Matter? Asian cultures conceive the importance of scale in relationship to value differently than Western artists. This question of scale is the driving vision behind this show, from Chris Ketchie’s 10’ x 24’ painting on 1000 wooden blocks to Yuki Okamoto’s precise detailed paintings on fingernails to Camelia Mohebi’s paintings on traditional Middle Eastern drum heads to Jonah Bokaer’s 6’ x 6’ Performance Drawing. The artworks in this exhibition are purposefully envisioned to work their best conceptually and visually in the scale they’re presented in.

September 29, 2018 - October 7, 2018
Opening September 28, 2018 from 12-8 pm
(Gallery hours every day from 12-6 pm during exhibition)
100 Bogart Street Gallery, 100 Bogart Street,
Brooklyn NY 11206

Participating Artists:
Yukari Edamitsu / Yuki Okamoto / Marcela Silva / Sonomi Kobayashi / Koto Takei /Melissa Stern / Noriko Nokano / Millicent Young / Xiaowei Chen / Miwael / Camelia Mohebi / Chris Ketchie / Michael David / Daniel John Gadd / Peter Hopkins / William Norton / Cake Hara
Performances by:
Jonah Bokaer / Dirty Churches / Yannah Paradise / Lisa Levy / Plus Surprise Guests

For press information, images and exhibition details please contact William Norton:
Email: 917.407.6124